12. Dec. | Winter Wonderland FREE DOWNLOAD!

Singer Phil Vanderkill explains: "Initially released in 2016 as a charity single, we want to share it this year with all of our fans."

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Sergeant Steel recorded a cover-version for the first time back then. Listeners probably will be surprised, because the original song is not a typical piece of Rock music. But for sure the formation plays it in their very own style, which means „Aerosmith meets Queen meets Rainbow“ in particular.


Famous rock producer Michael Wagener (Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Skid Row, Alice Cooper, etc.) travelled from Nashville/Tennessee/USA to Vienna/Austria to produce the song.

10. Sept. | Michael Wagener on Sergeant Steel!

Our dear friend Michael Wagener talked about Sergeant Steel on Metal Works radio show. It's broadcasted weekly on Nashville's station 1059 the rock. Check out the clip below, to listen what Michael has to say about the "crazies from Austria".

25. Apr. | Donation hand-over!

Sergeant Steel donated EUR 1.660 that have been generated through the sales of their single release Winter Wonderland. The money is going to support an accommodation for refugees in Linz, Austria. For further information visit (Ger).

Sergeant Steel charity SOS Menschenrechte Spendenübergabe Dach über dem Kopf Jack Power Phil Vanderkill Sarah Kotopulos Flüchtlingswohnheim Linz
Jack Power, Sarah Kotopulos, Phil Vanderkill - Credits: SOS Menschenrechte

02. Nov. | New single is a charity project!

Sergeant Steel are going to donate the income that is generated through the sales of this release. All the money is going to support an accommodation for refugees in Linz/AUT. For further information visit (Ger).


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