2016 ...walking in a winter wonderland!

In April Michael Wagener visits Austria. Sergeant Steel take the chance to record with Wagener in their home country. They enter tone-art Studio in Vienna to produce a hard rock-version of the world-renowned Christmas/winter-classic Winter WonderlandThe band donates the income that is generated through the sales of it's release. All the money is going to support an accommodation for refugees in Linz, Austria.
In July Sergeant Steel are personally invited by international rock/metal promoter Stefan Hattinger to play at Out & Loud festival in Geiselwind (Ger).
Sergeant Steel Michael Wagener toneart Vienna Winter Wonderland
Vienna 2016

2015 ...riders of the worm!

Sergeant Steel travels to Nashville/Tennessee for the second time. Their third studio Album Riders Of The Worm is mixed/mastered by producer legend Michael Wagener.
It contains two high-quality guest contributions. Mark Slaughter from melodic hard rockers Slaughter (5 million records sold worldwide) sings a duett with frontman Phil Vanderkill. Kane Roberts plays a guitar solo in his very own style. He was co-responsible for Alice Cooper’s successful comeback in the 1980s and wrote songs for example for Kiss.

Riders Of The Worm is released worldwide via the band’s own label Boyz Tyme Records (BTR) November, 27th.

Sergeant Steel Michael Wagener Mark Slaughter
Nashville 2015

2014 ...on the rock 'n' roll highway!

Leading print and online magazines, including Metal Hammer (Ger), Rock It (Ger) and Stormbringer (Aut) acclaim Sergeant Steel's actual album.


The boys promote "Men On A Mission" (2013) with international live- shows in Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Because of many appearances at big open-air events, the band plays in front of thousands of people. Sergeant Steel also supports The Sweet for the second time in Vienna.


Drummer Kenny King moves to Berlin (GER). He is replaced by initial bass player and founding member Cøsy Cøxx. Beside the live-activities, Sergeant Steel starts to work on a further full-length Album.

Sergeant Steel The Sweet
The Sweet support 2014

2012 - 2013 on a mission!

In 2012 Sergeant Steel meet legendary producer/mixer Michael Wagener (Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Janet Jackson, Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, etc.) in Nashville (Tennessee/USA). Wagener mixes and masters their second album "Men On A Mission" within three weeks.


In February 2013 Sergeant Steel release a new single, called "Black Wings Comin'". It's the official anthem of the EHC Black Wings Linz (top flight ice-hockey club, winner of Austrian hockey-championships 2003 & 2012). "Black Wings Comin'" is mastered by Peter Mew (The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, among others) at Abbey Road Studios in London (GBR).


The group plays support-shows for legendary rock bands like Deep Purple and The Sweet. Sergeant Steel reach the final of the Planet Festival Tour 2013, Austria's most important band contest. Finally in September Sergeant Steel release their second record “Men On A Mission” and two videos via Boyz Tyme Records (BTR) world-wide!

Sergeant Steel Michael Wagener
Nashville 2012

2010 - 2011 ...lovers & maniacs!

On March, 6th 2010 Sergeant Steel release their debut album "Lovers & Maniacs" successfully on their own. The record is celebrated by international music press such as Metal Hammer (Ger, "Demo of the month", Issue 10/2010), Rock Hard (Ger), Heavy (Ger), Sleazy Roxx (USA) and many more. Ronny Roxx succeeds Cøsy Cøxx on bass guitar. Cøsy leaves the band in a friendly way due to personal reasons.


Sergeant Steel signs record deal with Refused Records in 2011. „Lovers & Maniacs“ is officially released world-wide on June 3rd 2011. The band starts recording their second album in September.

Sergeant Steel Heli Mayr
Sergeant Steel 2009 - 2014 | photo by Heli Mayr

2007 - 2009 ...born to lose, live to win!

In October 2007 Jack Power, Phil Vanderkill and Cøsy Cøxx found Sergeant Steel. The band is named after one of Cøsy's primary sexual characteristics.


Phil and Chuck Boom get in touch at a concert. They talk about their common past in bands & projects. Chuck admits that he wants to go in a musically heavier direction again, after years in the field of jazz and folk music. After a meeting at Jack’s apartment Sergeant Steel finally make up a foursome. At the same time Cøsy gets in contact with his cousin Kenny King. With a distinctive interest in Queen he seizes to opportunity to join Sergeant Steel. The band plays their first live show in August 2008.


Keyboard player Ben Bateman joins in fall 2009. Debut album "Lovers & Maniacs", produced & mixed by Jack Power is sent to the USA. The record is mastered by Beau Hill (Ratt, Alice Cooper, Europe,...) in Los Angeles.

Sergeant Steel 2008 - 2009 | photo by Kim Bauer
Sergeant Steel 2008 - 2009 | photo by Kim Bauer